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The map release date is unknown we are still working on it and trying to get a BETA version online for all the people who want to play this game.

The item stacking is for ORPG's with quests or for basic hero games without anny quests attached wit items. You can coppy the JASS trigger that will stack EVERY item or coppy the other 2 triggers that will stack the item you choose and no more. For more information go to www.hiveworkshop.com or for other adds you might be looking.

You can post buggs on the guestbook or on the forum. But the best way is to just PM Darkranger002 or LegendaryORPG user

Yes you can make your own site like this one. Just go to the UCOZ main page and register urself and in 3 steps you will be making this site. You don't need to have knowledge of HTLM codes because this site has a visual editor wich gives u the ability to change it while you can see the appearance.

Do not advertise things that are not related to Warcraft III on this site. Especially do not advertise products that you wish other people to buy, or pornographic sites. This will result in a ban. Advertising a site for promotion only will result in infractions and link removal. Whether or not it is for promotion only is the Admin's decision. You are, however, allowed to promote sites through your signature file if the sites are not offending.

Well its for safety reasons from cheating. When both are mixed togeter then people create a new character and load at the same time and get 2 heroes wich messes up with the triggers confirming the game engine and memory. You either have to choose for a new one or for loading. If u should press on load but u want to cretae a new then i'ts unable for u to make a new character so sorry about that but its the only way to make people play fair without cheating.

Well, I played alot ORPG's and know how this goes. You start as an lvl 1 player and don't want to do quests and kill creeps to gain levels and items... So you ask a maxed lvled hero to complete a quest so the you and your allies get exp and gold. So instead of training and dooing quests you raise 20 levels dooing nothing because the maxed hero completed a verry high lvl quest.

Every town has an Ressurection well with the "Well(base)" model. Just go within a range of 150 to this well and you will set tha place your ressurection point. When completing a dungeon or when u die or when using the hearstone you wll be teleported to the ressurection point.

Just go in a range of 150 to the unit with the exclamation mark above its head. The quest won't start if you don't require the level. If u are to low level for the quest a message will appear in the left corner of the game screen displaying the required level.

The heartstone ability needs to find u'r hero in a range of 512 from the backpack to work. Sometimes if there are more units in the Area it could need sme more times before it actualy works. But don't worry if it does not work the cooldown will be reset so u won't have to wait 15 minutes.

Go to pylostico and get inside the Ale brewery. The giant rats will drop them and there are also some placed on thee ground.

We'll its simple. There's a -roll command to make it go fair If not red can kick. If that is not enough then u can make a screenshot and post on the forum and the person will be permanently banned from the game.

How high is the level cap in this game ? We'll its 150 so u can do raids. It's best to do a lvl 150 dungeon with 9 people or u can't beat the boss.

Yes you can. We have the "LegendaryORPG" map for lvling and some gear. But there is also the "LegendaryORPG Batlegrounds" map for playing PVP and also the raid maps for the ultimate items. Currently "LegendaryORPG The Black Temple"

Why do we have to wait 10 seconds before the teleporter takes us out the Battle Basin ??? Well its simple... Some noobs try tio run when they are losing So thats why it takes 10 seconds before it works. So the one atatcking the player that try's to leave in combat might be able to kill him anyway

You only get battle points when the hero is 9 levels lower or 9 levels bigger its so u won't hunt lowbies.

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