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These maps are supported by us. We made these and used these in the ORPG.
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Here you can find tools for Warcraft III
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Here members can upload there OWN maps. Please DO NOT upload unfinished maps. They may be BETA maps but evrything must work. ( So no 8 player map where only 1 player works.) If the map is not a w3m or w3x they get rejected.
Custom Warcraft III Models [34]
Import/Upload Warcraft 3 costum models. ( requires to be registered, Its free and you won't get bothered by us)
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A map based on battleships
Members Section | Views: 1369 | Downloads: 116 | Added by: Darkranger002 | Date: 2009-03-08| Rating: 5.0/1 | Comments (1)

This is a basic TD with 4 difficulties, create towers to stop invaders from reaching the portal.
As the game advances, you can choose different signs to create new towers.
The signs are: Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn and Sagittarius.
The more signs you have, the more towers you can create and combine - this will be a good addition for defending the portal.
Every tower can be upgraded.
Members Section | Views: 1104 | Downloads: 113 | Added by: Darkranger002 | Date: 2009-06-18| Rating: 5.0/3 | Comments (7)

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