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These maps are supported by us. We made these and used these in the ORPG.
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Legendary ORPG
[ Download from this server (3.07 Mb) · Download from mirror () · Screenshot ] 2009-07-12, 2:32 AM

Save file at Computer/(:C)/Prigram Files/Warcraft III/Maps/Download

The lands are getting teared appart from the demon mennace. They are trying to destroy all life on earth.
The king and its legendary warriors gathered to save the earth from the demons wrath. It won't be that easy...
the king wants the legendary warriors to proove themselfs wothy of fighting and dying with honour against those voule creatures.
Are we strong enough to beat the demon threaths ? Well... Here we come lets proove we are !!!
Category: Legendary ORPG supported maps | Added by: legendaryorpg | Author:
Views: 7717 | Downloads: 1495 | Comments: 15 | Rating: 4.8/22 |
Total comments: 151 2 »
15. EliteDestroyer () [Entry]
Hello? is anybody still here? I've recently played a TD that had this site on it claiming that Darkranger002 was the creator. I would like to meet this person!

14. sefocani () [Entry]

13. sefocani () [Entry]

12. xxbaruhanxx () [Entry]
Umm, great site I must say, but you need to keep it live and up to date. Keep up the good work :D

11. Activwear () [Entry]
hmm when the new version will come out it's been a while now...

10. Pandaren () [Entry]
Legendary ORPG 2.1 will coming out soon. Currently is on beta stage 6.
2.1 changelog:
Added a Ultimate to each of the hero.
Re-adjust the EXP rate,
Added a party system,
Rebalance and remake some of the Heros' skills.
Balanced all the heros' stats, which give 6 points of grow stat per lvl.
New model for most of the heros.
Currently working on the dungeon's loot and hopefully can add item set into 2.1

9. Animoi666 () [Entry]
is this link here v2.0? or is it the older one?

8. Pandaren () [Entry]
legendary 2.0 is up, it fixed the save/load stats bug.

7. Killmaster () [Entry]
Well, i played this map its really good nice models interesting gameplay and such,but i wonder if there will be any new version with some bug fixes like stats bug.I wanna see more new lands maybe creatures some nice epixs :D .

6. Deathuponu () [Entry]
I am quiet sad when I got lvl 150, reloaded i got 255 stats... I am being passed in stats by lvl 100's. please fix this...

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